Child Matter - Airport Watchlist

Seperation & Divorce after marraige often involve emotionally sensitive matters such as settlement of parenting and property matters.

In parenting matters one of the parent might have concerns with evidence to support that the other parent might take the child from the marriage away to another country to permanently deprive their contact with the child.

In the context of family law, both the parents have equal rights to decide parenting matters and the view adopted by court is - What is in the best interest of the child ?

In most cases the court views that it is is not in the best intetrest of the child's psychology development that the child does not maintain contact or meaningful relationship with both the parents.

With this if one of the parent wants to exclude the other parent and intends to take the child to another country then an application can be made in court to put the child on what is known as "Airport Watch List".

Once orders are granted by the court. The Airport Watch list is maintained by the Australian Federal Police and at the airport if the child name appears on the system then the authorities are alerted and the child is stopped by leaving the country.

If you are facing similar situation then you should contact your legal representative to seek for advice for your situation.


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