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Just select our precedent and send out letters on 

ZMK Lawyers Letterhead.


Professional fees starting from- $ 50 

We make legal cost affordable

At ZMK Lawyrs we have developed range of precedents to suit commonly encountered problems by clients. 

The precedents are offered at affordable cost and all you need to do is enter your information in the given fields and forward supporting documents and the letter will be sent out on ZMK Lawyers letterhead. 

A letter sent out on a law firms letterhead offers more credibility and shows your seriousness with the dispute.


Make the best out of the precedents we offer. 


Send Supporting Documents on    zubin.viclaw@gmail.com


The precedents provided here are sample only, the transmission and use of this website of the information and the content on this website is does not create client-legal relationship between the site user or any other party, 

Content on this website is for information purpose only and must not be relied as legal advice and does not create client legal relationship. By using this website you agree that ZMK Lawyers makes no warranty of grantee concerning the accuracy, reliability of completeness  of the information supplied on this website.  

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Letter of Demand - Unpaid Wages

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Letter of Demand - Unpaid Wages

If you have unpaid wages and require a letter to be sent out on a Law Firms - Letterhead, then we have developed sample letters for you. All you need to do is send your details across to be entered in the marked filed field. Send the relevant supporting documents for review and we will send the Letter of Demand on your behalf.

The documents we require from you:

  1. Time sheet for Employee for unpaid work; or
  2. Invoice for unpaid contractor
  3. Job Contract Or Correspondence for engaging in you for your service as employee or contractor
  4. Detailed email surrounding the event
  5. Cost includes sending out the requested letter of demand and 1 review for amendments


  • Additional postage charges are applicable to the above cost
  • The services will be rendered for initial letter of demand only

In your letter please include - complete details of the defendant and follow the guidelines from the sample which is attached above.

If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to contact us - zubin.viclaw@gmail.com

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